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Free PHP Guestbook script news: new FREE and enhanced versions released!

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New great features in these php guestbook versions:

Features list, compare with our other scripts

The Easy and free PHP HTML comments software for your website - Hundreds of happy users worldwide!

CD cover image for free php guestbook script Let your visitors comment on your html pages! The Free PHP Guestbook script is a simple FREE yet powerful php comments guestbook script with multiple advanced anti-spam features, that can turn any one of your existing html pages into a spam free html guestbook, where your website visitors can leave their own comments. You can also easily use the provided template to build a website guestbook from scratch.
An enhanced version is also available with many useful additional features.
If you want your visitors to comment on your photos, articles games, videos, or any other content on an unlimited number of pages, from a central script, check out the just released HTML Website Comments System ®.

PHP Guestbook scripts features

Unlike other guestbook and comments scripts, all our scripts are designed to let your visitors comment/leave a message on any EXISTING html page on your website by simply adding a snippet of code to the page. This makes it extremely easy to build a guestbook/add comment feature  that merges perfectly with your web site style, design and graphic layout. With the free and enhaced versions you can also use the provided template as it is, or modify it, to create a guestbook section on your web site ex-novo.

All our scripts come with strong anti-spam features that nowadays are a must for any website/page that allows users to post data. In the absence of such anti-spam features, any interactive page is bound to become full of junk/spam messages in a short period of time. The spammers use automated posting systems (bots) that are efficently blocked by our image verification system.

Visitors can leave their name, e-mail (optional) and a message. This information will be posted to the guestbook together with date and time of posting. All posts details are logged in a log file, including the poster's IP address (not visible to the public). The administrator is notified of new posts by an e-mail that contains all the details, including the posted message.

The administrator can access a password protected admin section.

Free Version vs Enhanced Version vs Website Comments System

Features Comparison Table

FEATURES Free Enhanced WCS
Flatfile-based, no MySql or other databases required Yes Yes Yes
Possibility to edit or delete messages through a dedicated admin section Yes Yes Yes
IP blacklist (IP filtering/banning) Yes Yes Yes
Words-strings-HTML tags blacklist (security and spam filtering) Yes Yes Yes
CAPTCHA Image verification security code to stop spam bots. A real Turing Test that discriminates humans from bots. Together with the keywords-based filter, this is an amazing tool to keep your guestbook spam-free. Yes Yes Yes
Ajax-based posting form security. For now proposed alongside captcha, actually allows guestbook security without captcha Yes Yes -
E-mail sent to admin on post with full post details Yes Yes Yes
Full posts log including poster's IP addresses Yes Yes Yes
Easy to customize the look of the posts thanks to the embedded template so as to cleanly integrate the posts area in your own web site layout (some html knowledge required for this) Yes Yes Yes
Configure the guestbook through a friendly online interface in the password-protected Admin section Yes Yes Yes
Easily set a time offset for the posts, so that the guestbook time reflects your local time Yes Yes Yes
Private e-mail: users can now decide to hide the e-mail from public view Yes Yes Yes
Private posts: users can now decide to make the message visible by the admin only Yes Yes Yes
Online support through the forum Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated, accurate, fast, friendly e-mail support directly from the developer - Yes Yes
Password-protected admin identity. You will be the only one able to post on your board with your name Yes Yes Yes
Avoid to link back to this page from your static pages - Yes Yes
Post moderation mode. This can be turned on in the online admin section. Under this mode each message is reviewed by admin before actually being posted to the guestbook - Yes Yes
Bulk delete. Delete several messages at once, handy for keeping busy guestbooks clean and tidy - Yes -
Pagination: set the number of posts per page and let the guestbook create and update the new pages when a post is made Yes Yes Yes
Pagination: the pages created by the script beyond the first one automatically inherit the header and footer of your first page Yes Yes -
Pagination: possibility to customize the header and footer of the pages created beyond the first one - - Yes
Plugin interactivity to your whole html or static website. Add comments features to an unlimited number of pages, customize each page/guestbook with it's own settings, look and feel, delete/edit/approve posts for all the pages from a single centralized comments system entirely managed on your own web site with an easy and intuitive online interface. - - Yes

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