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A free hits counter script for your website


Webcounter! is a totally free, no strings attached hits counter script that will allow you to have a visitors web counter on your website, just like this one:

page counter

Background colors rotate randomly each time the page is loaded (can be changed).

A single visitor (IP) is not counted more than once in two hours (can be changed). This counts visitors rather than page views. However you can modify this behavior by modifying the timeframe, it is a very simple configuration edit in the script.

You can implement several counters, with different visitors counts, by duplicating the folder as many time as needed on your site.

The script IS NOT a visitor's log, it will just keep track and display the visitors count

No ads, entirely free for you to use and edit as you wish. A link back to us is appreciated but not mandatory


Licence: GPL


If you use the script on your website and find it useful, thank you for linking to us.
For support please post on this page. Support is linkware: please link to us if you ask for support. Link to us anyway :) A code for linking to us is provided in the readme file included in the distribution.

In case you missed it, here is it:

<a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size:10px">website counter script</a>


Webcounter! requires PHP installed on your server, compiled with the GD image library (usually installed by default on most providers).

The script should work out of the box.

Unzip the counter folder and upload it to your web site, for example in your web root folder, public_html, httpdocs, /var/www or however it is called.

The web address of the counter script will then be:

Grant 666 permission to the 2 text files, counter.txt and visitors_ips.txt.

If you want to start the counter with a particular count number on it, just edit the counter.txt file in a text editor.

Link to counter.php as an image in your page(s):

<img src="/counter/counter.php" alt="page counter" title="Single visitors since XXXXXXX" style="width:80px;">

or also:

<img src="" alt="page counter" title="Single visitors since XXXXXX" style="width:80px;">

This is it.

If you can's see the counter image and are positive that you have the PHP GD library installed, try granting a 777 permission to the counter folder

In the source code of the script you can edit manually the various colors used so as to match the style of the counter with your web site color scheme. By default, the counter background color rotates randomly between blue, black, orange, red, green, as defined by RGB notation in the code, that you can easily edit.

There is also the option to have a fixed backgound color instead, by uncommenting a line. The code is less than 100 lines in total and well commented, so everything is very easy to find and of course change if you wish.

We'd love to have your feedback in the comments box below!


Download the script here

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